Slough Creek Campground: A Yellowstone Camping Gem off the Beaten Path

Slough Creek Campground is in Yellowstone National Park. The Park itself is located in northwestern Wyoming in the United States. Slough Creek Campground is located east of the Tower-Roosevelt Junction at the northern half of the park.

Location and Cost of the Campground

At the well-marked turnoff, travel north for no more than 2 ½ miles across a gravel road. Before arriving at the campground, there is a large parking area where the campground host’s cabin and Slough Creek Trailhead are located. Keep going past this for a short way to reach the campground. It is open from May 25 to October 31 at a cost of $12 per night. Slough Creek campsite sites are available on a first come, first served basis at this time. No reservations are available so plan on arriving as early as possible since the campground may be full by 11 a.m. (MST). After arrival, sign- in and payment envelopes are located at a central kiosk with grizzly bear pictures and information on it.


This is a primitive campground, not quite backcountry but definitely not a fully developed campground. There is no running water but there are vault toilets and old fashioned water pumps in a few locations. 29 sites are available and many are situated along Slough Creek. Some sites are situated at the edge of a good sized meadow. Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. 14 of these sites will accommodate RV vehicles and trailers, up to a combined 30 feet length. The other sites are walk through sites – perfect for pitching a tent or leaving a trailer parked in the pullout (unhitched from vehicle.) Bear proof food storage boxes are also available if needed.

What Makes Slough Creek Campground Special

The scenic mountain setting and lush meadows make Slough Creek Campground the perfect place to camp. Peace and serenity fill the air. The meadow is filled with sagebrush and many species of wildflowers.

Wildlife is abundant. Deer often graze through the meadow. Buffalo, bighorn sheep, and elk also utilize this area. Foxes play in the meadow and will come very close to humans. Hawks and eagles soar above. Although gray wolves live in the vicinity, they are seldom ever seen from the campground or the trail. Both grizzly and black bears wander through the campground quite often.

Slough Creek is world famous for its fly fishing. People travel from all over the world to try to catch Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout here. The gravel entrance road follows along Buffalo Creek, which converges with Slough Creek at the campground. Buffalo Creek is also a popular fly fishing spot. Many species birds and waterfowl can be viewed along it.

(Note: Wildlife viewing is conditional-not all animals will be there at the same time, every time. Some animals may not be seen at all. So sit back, relax, and you‘re sure to see something wonderful!)

Be Bear Aware

Food and odors of any kind attract bears so be sure to follow National Park Service rules on how to store food and other items properly. Rangers and camp hosts do make rounds to check on compliance but they are not there all the time. It is ultimately up to you, the camper, to comply to the rules whether anyone is around or not.

Bears have been destroyed or relocated for returning to campgrounds in search of food. As the National Park Service says, “The future of the bears and the safety of others depends on you!” It is also a great idea to have a canister of bear spray handy. You never know when a bear will wander into the campground.

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