Best Fishing Kayak Under $500 [2020 Guide]

Every angler knows that the best way to access small waters is by using a fishing kayak. With the growing popularity of fishing and kayaks in recent years, choices are numerous. Many different models and brands make it hard for us to pick one. If you too have troubles deciding on the best fishing kayak … Read more

Ice Fishing Above the Arctic Circle – For Winter Anglers Sweden Has World Class Fishing Opportunities

Though not without its hazards, ice fishing in Lapland the northern most province of Sweden, is a popular sport. For many communities the activity forms a significant part of their culture and for some people contributes to their subsistence existence. Arctic Char (Röding in Swedish) of the Salmonidae family is the most sought-after fish caught … Read more

5 Quick Tips For Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a becoming quite a popular sport. Many fishermen are taking to the use of these little plastic boats as a cheap way to easily get on the water and out to where all the fish are. The appeal of kayak fishing is hard to ignore. Kayaks can weigh as little as 30 … Read more