Northwest Territory Tents – Durable Yet Affordable

Northwest Territory tents are affordable but durable tents and have an incredibly diverse range of products.

The Northwest Territory tents come in a large variety of sizes: large family “house” tents that can accommodate up to 12 people, small-sized ones for solo camping trips (though they don’t actually make any 1-person tents) and anything in between. Whatever needs you have you are more than likely to find a tent for your needs from their catalogue.

Camping is, perhaps, one of most cost-friendly and adventurous activities that anyone can enjoy – by oneself, with a friend or even with a whole family or group of friends. From summer break camping trip to a friend’s weekend out; a durable tent is a life-long investment.

We often find, much to our shock, that some of these tents are quite expensive. Northwest Territory tents are affordable but durable tents and have an incredibly diverse range of products.

Best Northwest Territory Tents 2020

Here are our best picks from Northwest Territory tents.

The tents come in a variety of designs that make them suited for both people looking to backpack during summer/spring times, or car-camping people. These tents can be easily bought at any of the online discounted stores such as Amazon.

PhotoNorthwest Territory TentDetailsCheck on Amazon
Northwest Territory Grand Canyon

Northwest Territory Grand Canyon Tent

Capacity: 12 people
Floor area: 192 sq ft
Height: 84"
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Northwest territory front porch tent

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent for 10 People

Capacity: 10 people
Floor area: 200 sq ft
Height: 86"
See details
Northwest Territory The Homestead

Northwest Territory The Homestead Tent

Capacity: 12 people
Floor area: 262 sq ft
Height: 82"
See details
Northwest Territory Casa Grande

Northwest Territory Casa Grande Tent

Capacity: 8 people
Floor area: 168 sq ft
Height: 84"
No products found.
Northwest Territory Eagle River

Northwest Territory Eagle River Tent

Capacity: 8 people
Floor area: 144 sq ft
Height: 82"
See details
Northwest Territory Rio Grande

Northwest Territory Rio Grande Tent

Capacity: 4 people
Floor area: 80 sq ft
Height: 65"
See details
Northwest Territory Sierra Dome

Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent

Capacity: 2 people
Floor area: 49 sq ft
Height: 46"
No products found.

Why Choose Northwest Territory Tents?

Well, they are…


Northwest Territory Northwoods Tent

Tents are a home away from home, and are meant to protect and shelter from the elements of nature. I wouldn’t fancy seeing animals eating their way into my tent! The materials used in these tents are what make these tents a cost-effective yet long-lasting choice.

The simple reason for recommending these tents for summer-spring camping trips is because the materials used are durable and can efficiently withstand such weather conditions. It is common for it to rain during camping trips; the polyethylene material used to make some of these tents are 99.9% waterproof. Come rain, come hail, this tent does not let water seep through its material.

The material used in almost all Northwest Tents ensures that there are no leaks, even when camping near rather moist sites such as riverbanks, lakes or shores. For example, the Northwest River’s Edge Travel Tent can easily accommodate up to two people is perfect for a romantic, beach shore or riverbank getaway. The additional rain fly protection features ensure that the inside of the tent does not get flooded even during heavy rain.

The frame of the tents is made of fiberglass. This makes the tent extremely suited for versatile weather conditions such as high winds. The best things about the use of fiberglass poles in large, family-sized tents like the

[easyazon_link keywords=”Northwest Territory Grand Canyon” locale=”US” tag=”leisurelegend-20″]Grand Canyon 12-person tent[/easyazon_link]

 is the fact that not only are they easy to carry and lighter than tents that use aluminum poles, but also more sturdy.

Fiberglass tents do not corrode, not do they break easily. The Grand Canyon 12-person tent can easily accommodate 12 people, with an interior that is both spacious and resistant to wear and tear. A frequent issue that most campers face is zips used in openings, flaps and windows getting stuck after a couple of uses. The zips in Northwest Tents were found to be smooth, high quality, and easy to use.

Budget Friendly Yet Practical

It is important to note that ‘budget friendly’ does not always translate to durable or long lasting. However, that is not the case with these tents, for they use extremely durable materials.

More often than not, we find that large family-sized tents are either extremely unaffordable or impractical. That’s why it was quite a relief that these affordable tents come in all shapes and sizes!

The Northwest Territory Northwood-6 person Tent is not only spacious but also priced much, much lower than other brands that use the same materials. The tent itself is easy to assemble and lightweight, despite the people capacity.

Another noteworthy budget-friendly tent is the Northwest Territory Front Porch tent. This tent can easily accommodate 10 people and the dimensions of this tent cover an area of 200 sq. ft and a height of 86 inches. The tent itself, despite being much less expensive than other 10 people tents, has Ever-dry coating and a tub style floor.

The design is such that there are 6 large, easy to zip windows inside for necessary ventilation; in addition to these windows, the material of the roof is mesh to aid further ventilation. It also is extremely family-friendly and privacy oriented. The interior itself has dividers for additional privacy and windows that you can fully zip close.

These tents are cost-effective and give great bang for buck. The large 10-person family tent, for example, has a spacious interior with immense storage capacity. The presence of features such as hanging shelves and integrated smart tablet displays give it extremely high value for money.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Hauling up heavy bags up hills and mountains is no fun. These tents are (thankfully) extremely easy to carry and lightweight. The 4-room Dome Tent only weighs around 10 lbs. The tents were obviously designed keeping portability and ease in mind.

The fiberglass alternative to traditional aluminum poles also takes a lot away in terms of weight and increases practicality.

Moreover, the tents are easy to assemble and can be packed into compact bags. When taking the family camping, it is not convenient to carry tents that take up a lot of space. The fact that these tents take up a very small space make them a good, practical investment.

Two Large Picks From Northwest Territory Tents

Note: these are not what we think are “the best”, just two examples of how variant their tents can be. The whole list we’ve gathered is hand-picked from even wider catalogue – we eliminated all the weaker candidates so you can consider all the tents mentioned in this article as the best picks. If you can’t find anything for your taste you could always check out tents of Ozark Trail for example.

Northwest Territory Grand Canyon

Northwest Territory Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is the most expensive tent made by Northwest Territory. It’s dividable to three rooms (two bedrooms at both ends and an entrance/kitchen in between) and sleeps 12 people. The Grand Canyon comes packed with great features such as massive windows, two full-sized closets (!), wall organizers and tablet pockets. Also a remote controlled light at the center of the “ceiling” is a nice addition for dark nights. It’s certainly not the brightest light out there but it’s perfect if you need some light to take a leak in the middle of the night without waking up others. Like any other tent of this size we don’t recommend it for harsh weather conditions though.

The other large tents that they offer are quite comparable in terms of size and features but choosing between these boils down to your needs and preferences. Homestead has the most floor space and Northwest Territory Front porch tent (click to read our full review) has a sweet screened patio and two doors.

Northwest Territory Casa Grande

Casa Grande lights

Casa Grande is our favorite from their middle range tents but be warned: if you are old school and believe that camping should be ascetic, Casa Grande is certainly not for you. Then you are better off buying the River Eagle for example.

This family cabin tent comes packed with some delightful modern goods such as built-in LED lighting rope, media pockets for tablets and as a cherry on top… an auto-roll projector screen. This is a great example of modern tents which goes to show that camping does not always have to be about eliminating all modernity on your trip to find some sort of a connection with the nature. Yes, nights can be boring at a pitch dark tent with nothing to do even if you are a hardcore camper. Casa Grande is a perfect choice for families with kids who are allowed to enjoy some modern crazes even when camping – we don’t believe there’s nothing wrong with that. Times change.

Choosing the Right Tent for You

Quite unsurprisingly choosing a tent boils down to personal preference and needs. Are you going for a family camping trip with a large family or planning to set up camp on the backyard? Look for cabin tents. Are you going on a long hike? Look for hiking tents or dome tents with a carry bag. How many people are going to be sleeping in? Are you anticipating situations where setting up has to be quick? Look for instant tents. Do you want a screen room? A rain fly? How many mattresses need to fit in?


It is difficult to find a tent that is both durable and budget-friendly. When looking to plan a cost-effective family trip, it is unrealistic to expect people to spend hundreds of dollars on a 6-person tent.

The use of modern elements such as fiberglass poles, mesh roofs and a water-resistant exterior make it the perfect tent for people who want to take family camping trips or go on solo adventures. These easy-to-assemble tents by Northwest Territory are made of materials that are extremely durable and yet budget-friendly.The best part about these tents is that not only are they family-friendly but also easy to find at large discount stores. Moreover, they come in all sizes to fit the camping needs of everyone.

Happy Camping!

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