How to Make the Most of Your Portable Air Conditioner

If you’re anything like me, heat waves are the absolute WORST. You know what I mean.
That sticky, unbearable feeling that makes you want to turn off the air conditioning and stay in a dark room for the rest of the summer.
Well, guess what: You don’t have to suffer. You can get a portable air conditioner and stay cool all summer long.
Here are a few tips to make the most of your portable air conditioner and keep your sanity this summer.

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1) Be smart about where you install your air conditioner

The location you install your air conditioner can make a huge difference on how cool it feels in the room.

Make sure you position it out of direct sunlight and try to place it where there is good airflow around the unit. You should also avoid placing it near furniture that blocks any air from circulating, such as heavy pieces of furniture or curtains.

AC units should be placed in an area that receives good air circulation.

2) Install a fan nearby

Try installing a fan nearby to push air towards the unit so that there’s more circulation and better cooling efficiency. This will help to draw cool air into the room.

Your room will feel even cooler if you use a small fan to circulate cool air while an AC unit works at reducing heat. If you don’t have enough space for this, try using an oscillating fan instead!

3) Use a ceiling fan to make your home feel more comfortable

Using a ceiling fan can be helpful when you’re using an air conditioner because it helps circulate cooler air and also makes your home feel more comfortable. Ceiling fans can have different speeds so if you find that one speed is too fast, try slowing it down!

4) Close off any doors or windows to keep cold air in and hot air out

During those really hot days, don’t forget to close off any doors or windows so that the cold air stays in and hot air is kept out. For extra help, try using an air conditioner timer to regulate when your unit comes on and off.

5) Clean and maintain your air conditioner regularly

Air conditioners need to be maintained in order to work their best. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner can help it last longer and also make sure that the cool air reaches all of the rooms in your home.

As a rule of thumb you should change the filter of your air conditioner every three months. However, it depends on the model and the conditions.

6) Set it to start automatically before you arrive home

When you’re away from home, set your air conditioner to come on before you arrive so that it will be running and cool when you walk in the door. Nothing beats coming home to a cool house after being outdoors in the scorching sun.

7) Take advantage of night time savings

Many people use their air conditioners less during the nighttime hours, opting instead for a fan or opening windows. Use these times to give your unit a break while still keeping cool with minimal effort.

8) Turn up the temperature

A lot of people worry about setting their AC too cold because they believe it will lower the efficiency. In reality, as long as your unit is running it does not matter if you set it to 78 or 82 degrees. You may even save money by turning up the thermostat during hot summer days.

9) Ensure that the hose is properly installed

Check that the hose of your portable air conditioner is tightly connected to the window and make sure it’s not kinked or twisted. You should also ensure that it’s properly hooked up to a power source with a grounded plug and no longer than 10 feet.

10) Check for leaks

Be sure you have put your coolant into the unit before running it for any extended period of time, as this could lead to system malfunctions. Be on the lookout for leakages from other sources like outside air, energy usage, or contaminants in groundwater.

11) Check that the hose is not twisted

One of the most common reasons for malfunctions in a portable air conditioner is when the hose twists or kinks. This can be solved by ensuring that the hose is not twisted and then replacing it if necessary.

12) Make sure you use it efficiently

Using your unit too much will cause damage to the compressor, leading to breakdowns and more frequent replacements than necessary. It’s best to use it sparingly so as not to overtax your equipment. You probably don’t need the same amount of cooling every single day, so don’t use it on full blast all the time.

13) Turn off unnecessary devices

Electrical devices heat up the room and create more demand for your portable air conditioner. Make sure you turn off anything that is not necessary, like lights or radios, when the air conditioner is running.

14) Reduce outdoor temperature levels

A good tip for saving energy while running a portable air conditioner is to make sure that there’s shade on both sides of it and reducing heat from outside sources such as sunlight. It’s important to remember that an open window in front of your unit will also be letting out air that could cause it to heat up.

We have a lot of great tips for how you can make the most out of your portable air conditioner! These are just some examples that we’ve found and hope they’re helpful.

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