Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent – A Portable Home?

A good GIGANTIC cabin tent with well thought design.
The design works well
Nice features
Incredible value for money
Not suited for harsh weathers

With floor space of 200 square feet the Northwest Territory Front Porch tent is one of the largest cabin tents of Northwest Territory (and as a matter of fact, the tallest), making it ideal for family camping or groups with lots of carry.

Tents of this size are often purchased to be used as base camps on hikes or on the backyards for some family fun. Keeping this in mind we expect the readers to acknowledge that mobility or fast setup times are not usually expected with these types of large family tents.

However, in case you value these qualities you might wanna take a look at Ozark Trail tents as they offer large instant cabin tents in the same price range as Northwest Territory tents are.


  • Dimensions: 20′ x 10′, height 7’2″ / 86″
  • Carry weight: 51 lbs / 23 kg
  • Dividable into two rooms with separate doors
  • Screened front porch with detachable floor
  • Everdry coating, large rainfly with taped seams, tub style floor
  • 6 large inside zip windows
  • Full mesh roof
  • Two hanging shelves, wall organizers with integrated tablet display pockets
  • Wheeled storage bag
  • Steel frame
  • Power pocket


Front Porch Tent at night

Overall the tent is well designed in its simplicity. The room divider creates enough privacy for families and the large windows and the full mesh roof provides good ventilation. The organizational elements are sensibly placed and the detachable floor on the front porch is a nice idea and comes in handy if you camp on bug ridden land.

While the color might seem a bit lackluster on the outside we thought it was nice and neutral – if it was something brighter the interior could be displeasing for the eye in the long run. The only complaint we have is that the rainfly is a tight fit on the initial setup. If you are planning to use the tent in windy and rainy conditions it is wise to set the tent up before a trip to stretch it up a little.

The installation is really easy and straightforward with the instructions. You just set up the frame and rainfly first (the poles are color-coded making it really hard to fail) and then attach the tent to the frame. Just don’t leave installing the rainfly last as the tent is really high and you will most likely struggle if you do.


As you can tell from the specs list above, the Northwest Territory Front Porch tent comes packed with a decent amount of well thought features. Nothing overly fancy or high tech but for the price you get a great, functional cabin tent. By no means is it suitable for hiking but then again, it is not meant for such purposes with its 51 lbs carry weight. The steel frame feels sturdy, the windows are huge and the waterproofing works fine. The front porch is spacious and the screening is a nice addition. And the interior… you could even place a table set there if you wanted to.

Suitability in Diverse Weather Conditions

Unfortunately we weren’t greeted with much of a stormy weather during our testings, but from what we’ve gathered this tent is at its best in dry weather. The fact that it has so many possible leaking points just don’t make it very suitable for extreme weather. However with the rainfly attached it will certainly hold a regular vertical rain perfectly. Tents of this size rarely are particularly storm friendly.

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