Best Through The Wall Air Conditioner With Heat 2024

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get prepared. If you live in a location with hot summers and cold winters, a regular air conditioning unit won’t spark much joy when things get freezing. To make us fully prepared for both extremes, we’ve set out on a hunt for the best through the wall air conditioner with heat.

Before we dive deeper into our best picks, here’s a quick cheat sheet of them:

Air Conditioner With HeatPhotoDetailsCheck on Amazon
Koldfront WTC12001WKoldfront WTC12001W 12 000 BTU through the wall air conditioner with heatRoom Size: 450-550 sq. ft.
Cooling BTUs: 12,000
Heating BTUs: 10,600
EER: 9.5
Voltage: 220 V
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Emerson Quiet KoolEmerson Quiet Kool 230V 14K BTURoom Size: 700 sq. ft.
Cooling BTUs: 14,000
Heating BTUs: 10,600 BTU
EER: 9.3
Voltage: 230 V
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Frigidaire FFRH1822R2Frigidaire FFRH1822R2Room Size: 1050 sq. ft.
Cooling BTUs: 18,500
Heating BTUs: 16,000
EER: 10.7
Voltage: 230 V
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Keystone KSTAT08-1HCKeystone 8,000 BTU 115V Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner with Heat CapabilityRoom Size: 350 sq. ft.
Cooling BTUs: 8,000 BTU
Heating BTUs: 4,200
EER: 9.6
Voltage: 115 V
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Koldfront WTC10001WKoldfront WTC10001WRoom Size: 450 sq. ft.
Cooling BTUs: 10,000
Heating BTUs: 10,600
EER: 9.6
Voltage: 230 V
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Star Air Kontrol AK-08HS115VStar Air Kontrol AK-08HS115V 8,000 BTU Through The Wall Heat and Cool Air Conditioner 115VRoom Size: 170 sq. ft.
Cooling BTUs: 8,000
Heating BTUs: 5,000
EER: Unknown
Voltage: 115 V
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Best Through The Wall Air Conditioner With Heat 2024

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of our best air conditioner heater units.

Koldfront 12,000 BTU Through The Wall Air Conditioner With Heat

Koldfront WTC12001W 12 000 BTU through the wall air conditioner with heat
  • Cooling Area: 450-550 square feet
  • Cooling Power: 12 000 BTU
  • Energy Efficiency: 9.5
  • Heating Power: 10,600 BTU
  • Timer: 24 hr
  • Noise Level:
  • Remote:
  • Size: 14.5″ H x 24.2″ W x 20.3″ D
  • Weight: 78.3 lbs
  • Voltage: 220V
Koldfront WTC12001W 12,000 BTU 208/230V Through the Wall Heat/Cool Air Conditioner
  • 12000 BTU cooling: 1330W/6.6A; 10600 BTU heating: 3450W/15.5A
  • 450-550 sq. ft. coverage area; remote control included
  • 4-way air directional louvers; Three (3) fan speeds; Four (4) operation modes
  • Compatible with the Koldfront wall air conditioner sleeve (WTCSLV) sold separately
  • Compatible with the Koldfront wall air conditioner sleeve (WTCSLV) sold separately

With a 12 000 BTU cooling capacity this Koldfront air conditioner with heat is best suited for areas up to 450-550 square feet in size. The temperature range for this unit is 62° F – 86° F, as its heating power is a hefty 10,600 BTUs per hour. It comes with all the bells and whistles like four operation modes (including sleep mode and energy saving mode), three speed fan, a beautiful remote control, 24 hour timer and an energy efficiency rating of 9.5.

Emerson Quiet Kool 14 000 BTU Through The Wall Heat and Cool Air Conditioner

Emerson Quiet Kool 230V 14K BTU
  • Cooling Area: Up to 700 square feet
  • Cooling Power: 14,000 BTU
  • Energy Efficiency: 9.3
  • Heating Power: 10,600 BTU
  • Timer: 24 hr
  • Noise Level: < 57 dB
  • Remote:
  • Size: 20. 3” D x 24. 2” W x 14. 5” H
  • Weight: 91.9 lbs
  • Voltage: 230V
Emerson Quiet Kool 14,000 BTU 230V 4 in 1 Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier, and Fan, For Rooms up to 700 Sq. Ft., with Remote Control and 24H Timer
  • QUIET COOLING AND HEATING: This through the wall air conditioner (14, 000 BTU cooling / 10, 600 BTU heating) efficiently cools and heats up to 700 sq. ft. At 57dB, this unit is among the quietest in the industry, making it ideal for family rooms and other medium to large sized rooms. (Product is not suitable for window installation)
  • EXCLUSIVE 1-2-5 : Your Emerson Quiet Kool Wi-fi enabled air conditioner comes with an industry-exclusive 1-2-5 that covers 1 year of labor, 2 years of parts, and 5 years on the compressor. Buy and use with confidence.
  • LCDI NEMA 6-20P PLUG: 4. 8 ft power cord with special LCDI NEMA 6-20P plug requires 230 volt/20 amp outlet, and is unable to be plugged into a standard 115V electrical outlet.Application area Cooling EPA (sp. ft):550
  • SPLIT AIR EXHAUST VENTS: Two air exhaust vents (instead of one) combine with three fan speeds to give you 8-way flexibility to direct the flow of air where you want it when you want it.
  • PROGRAMMABLE TIMER AND SLEEP MODE: Integrated 24-hour timer can be set via on-board controls, remote control, phone/tablet app, or voice controls. Intelligent sleep mode goes one step further by slowly adjusting the temperature and fan speed to keep you comfortable overnight while saving you energy and money.

The Emerson Quiet Kool effectively cools and heats up rooms up to 700 square feet in size, making it ideal for larger rooms such as living rooms. With an operation volume of less than 57 decibels it’s among the quietest through the wall air conditioners on the market.

Highlights of this AC unit are it’s programmable timer and sleep mode, which can be accessed through the included remote control or straight from your phone or tablet – even with voice controls. The two air exhaust vents combined with the 3-speed fan give you great flexibility in terms of air circulation.

Frigidaire 18500 BTU AC With Supplemental Heat Capability

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2
  • Cooling Area: Up to 1050 square feet
  • Cooling Power: 18,500 BTU
  • Energy Efficiency: 10.7
  • Heating Power: 16,000 BTU
  • Timer: 24 hr
  • Remote:
  • Size: 25.38 x 23.63 x 17.88 inches
  • Weight: 118 lbs
  • Voltage: 230V
FRIGIDAIRE FFRH1822R2 18500 BTU 230V Median Slide-Out Chassis Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Supplemental Heat Capability
  • Dimensions: 23-5/8" W x 25-3/8" D x 17-7/8" H | Window Width: 26-1/2" - 40-1/2" | Cabinet Depth (w/ Front): 23-5/16" | Cut-Out Height: 18" | Cut-Out Width: 23-7/8"
  • Effectively cool a large space at your home or office with the cooling coverage of up to 1170 Sq. ft.
  • Stay comfortable, even when it's hot outside with 5421.81 W cooling power
  • Window mounting kit included (Pleated Quick Mount adjusts the unit to fit your window)
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required (Unit will not work with a standard 115V outlet)

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2 is a median air conditioner/supplemental heater with slide-out chassis, which means that it can be either window or wall installed. It is not a full-fledged heater since it acts only as a supplemental heater and requires outdoor temperature to be above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s the most effective air conditioner on our list with a staggering cooling capacity of 18,500 BTUs and 16,000 BTUs heating power. With a 10.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio the estimated yearly energy cost for this Frigidaire through-the-wall AC is 156 dollars.

Keystone 8,000 BTU 115V Through The Wall Air Conditioner Heater

Keystone 8,000 BTU 115V Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner with Heat Capability
  • Cooling Area: 350 square feet
  • Cooling Power: 8,000 BTU
  • Energy Efficiency: 9.6
  • Heating Power: 4,200 BTU
  • Timer: 24 hours
  • Noise Level: 51.8 on low
  • Remote:
  • Size: 20.3 x 24.2 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Voltage: 115V
Keystone 8,000 BTU 115V Wall Mounted Air Conditioner with Supplemental Heat and Dehumidifier Function, Quiet Wall AC with Remote Control for Small and Medium Sized Rooms up to 350 Sq.Ft.
  • Reliable Cool and Supplemental Heat: Our powerful 8,000 BTU cooling capacity / 4,200 BTU supplemental heating capacity wall unit can efficiently provide comfort all year long for any small to medium sized room in your home up to 350 Sq.Ft.
  • All in One Unit: Enjoy powerful cooling, supplemental heating, dehumidification up to 2.1 pints per hour, and fan circulation all in one compact unit with on-board electronic controls, 3 fan speeds, sleep function, and a programmable 24-hour on/off timer; Supplemental Heating mode meant to be operated when temperatures outside are between 23 and 76 degrees; Mode is supplemental and NOT meant as primary heat source
  • Space Saving Design: Keep your window view and floor space with this wall-mounted air conditioner; Easy installation with standard universal interior trim kit
  • Smart Remote Control: The remote control takes the temperature of the room you are in, displays it on the LCD screen and sends a signal to your AC unit every 3 minutes for accurate cooling, no matter where you are in your home
  • Powerful Cooling on a Budget: Our AC will give your electric bill a break by using the 'Energy Saver' or Sleep' mode; These smart features automatically program your unit to use less energy while providing the same amount of comfort

Suited for rooms up to 350 square feet in size, the Keystone KSTAT08-1HC can also be utilized as a supplemental heater in addition to your main heat source when outdoor temperatures are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s extremely flexible with its three cooling modes, heating mode and 3 fan speeds. Additionally it has a “follow me” mode, which automatically adjusts the room temperature to match your setting, thanks to its built-in thermostat.

Keystone KSTAT08-1HC can also be used as a dehumidifier as it can remove 2.1 pints of excess moisture per hour from the air. It also has a dust filter.

Koldfront 10000 BTU Through The Wall Air Conditioner With Heater

Koldfront WTC10001W
  • Cooling Area: 450 square feet
  • Cooling Power: 10,000 BTU
  • Energy Efficiency: 9.6
  • Heating Power: 10,600 BTU
  • Timer: 24 hours
  • Remote:
  • Size: 20-3/8″ D x 14-1/2″ H x 24-1/4″ W
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • Voltage: 230V
Koldfront WTC10001W 10000 BTU 208/230V Through the Wall Air Conditioner with 10600 BTU Heater with Remote
  • 10,000 BTU cooling; 10,600 BTU heating; 450 square feet coverage area; CEER: 9.6
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a 230V unit and requires a 230V outlet; Plug type Nema 6-20P
  • Temperature Range: 62° F - 86° F; Sleep mode; 24 hour timer; Energy saver feature; Control panel with digital display; Remote control included; Dehumidifier function; Power cord length 6 1/2 ft
  • Compatible with the Koldfront wall air conditioner sleeve (WTCSLV) sold separately. For this model with the wall sleeve included see model number WTC10001WSLV
  • Compatible with the Koldfront wall air conditioner sleeve (WTCSLV) sold separately. For this model with the wall sleeve included see model number WTC10001WSLV

Koldfront WTC10001W is a through-the-wall air conditioner with 10,000 BTU cooling power and 10,600 BTU heating power. Temperature range of this AC unit is 62° F – 86° F and it comes with a fan with 3 speed settings, sleep mode and good Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.6, which results in estimated yearly operation cost of 102 dollars.

Star Air Kontrol 8,000 BTU Through The Wall Heat and Cool Air Conditioner

Star Air Kontrol AK-08HS115V 8,000 BTU Through The Wall Heat and Cool Air Conditioner 115V
  • Cooling Area: Up to 170 square feet
  • Cooling Power: 8,000 BTU
  • Energy Efficiency:
  • Heating Power: 5,000 BTU
  • Noise Level: 51 dB
  • Remote:
  • Size: 20.3 x 14.5 x 24.2 in
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Voltage: 115V

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Star Air Kontrol’s 8,000 BTU through the wall air conditioner with heat is best suited for smaller rooms up to 170 square feet in space. It’s not particularly great at heating (mere 5,000 BTUs) but it’s extremely silent, making it ideal for night time use.

Why Choose A Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner?

Since a through-the-wall air conditioner will be installed on a wall, it won’t take up any floor space. This is a huge plus especially if you’re living with a bit less space than you would need. You would be left with less square feet to utilize if you opted for a portable air conditioner.

Yes, portable air conditioners and window air conditioners are easier to install. If you are like most of us, you are most likely better off paying an expert for the installation. Hiring a pro will ensure that the unit gets placed at an optimal position – there’s plenty of things to factor in such as strength, width and materials of your walls and the location of an available electrical outlet.

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Cost of the operation will depend on your location and the size of the AC unit you buy and whether you need a new installation or if you are getting a replacement for an existing through the wall air conditioner heater. You can even buy an installation as a service straight from Amazon. An installation service from Amazon includes everything that is needed: cutting holes through both interior and exterior walls, installation of the housing that comes with the AC unit, installation of the unit itself, power check and testing and clean up.

Once you get the hardest part (installation) out of the way, a through the wall air conditioner will just remain mounted. Unlike window AC’s and portable AC’s, you won’t need to uninstall and store it for off-season since it’s not taking up any space on your floor. It also doesn’t block off a potentially beautiful view like a window unit would do when installed.

Generally speaking through-the-wall air conditioners are also more cost-effective than window mounted and portable air conditioners. Even though the initial cost can be higher, it could end up saving you money in the long run.

How To Choose a Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

There are some things that you need to take into consideration when buying a through-the-wall air conditioner. Here are our tips.

Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit). A single BTU is the amount of heat that is needed for raising the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. As a matter of fact, when AC manufacturers display a BTU number for their unit, it actually means BTUs per hour.

Comparison between cooling capacity in BTUs and room size in square feet

As a rule of thumb you need about 20 BTUs per hour for every square foot of the room you are cooling, but there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before you can make an educated estimate. Energy Star has a great guide about BTUs and square footage. Things that you need to take into account are:

  • Is the room exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time (increase +10%)? Or is it heavily shaded (reduce -10%)?
  • How many people usually are in the room? If more than two, add 600 BTUs per additional person.
  • If the AC unit is placed in your kitchen, increase the cooling capacity by 4,000 BTUs. Kitchen appliances produce a lot of excess heat.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in air conditioners is measured by EER rating. As defined by Energy Star, Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is the “ratio of cooling output (measured in BTU per hour) to electrical energy input (measured in Watts)”. The higher the EER rating, the more cooling you get with the same amount of energy. Ultimately this means that you need less electricity and thus operating the AC unit is cheaper. However, energy efficient air conditioners also tend to be more expensive.

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