5 Quick Tips For Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a becoming quite a popular sport. Many fishermen are taking to the use of these little plastic boats as a cheap way to easily get on the water and out to where all the fish are.

The appeal of kayak fishing is hard to ignore. Kayaks can weigh as little as 30 pounds; you can literally throw them on the roof of your car and drive to the lake where you can launch them from nearly any type of shoreline. There is no need for expensive boat trailers or waiting in line at the boat ramp to launch.

Boat insurance? Not a chance. Gasoline? Not necessary. Boat registration? Most sane states don’t require it (Oklahoma is not considered a sane state on this point.)

If you’re interested in going kayak fishing, here are some tips to make your experience more enjoyable. Also remember to have a look on our fishing kayak buying guide!

Bring Only What You Need to Fish

Kayaks don’t have a lot of room. You don’t really have the room for multiple, large tackleboxes like you would have in a boat. In a sit-in-kayak (SINK), it’s likely that you won’t be able to stand up and therefore can only really use what you can reach from your cockpit.

Rig your poles and bring maybe a handful of extra lures in a pocket tacklebox.

Install Multiple Fishing Rod Holders, Even if You Bring Just One Pole

The benefits of having multiple rod holders are significant. You should have at least one rod holder in front of you and at least two on the sides of the boat. When you go out fishing you never know where you’re going to want to toss your lure or what direction your boat is going to be pointed. By having rod holders in multiple locations you can ensure that you can fish the spot you want without having to cross over your boat with a fishing line while you’re underway.

Install Leashes for Your Paddles and Rods

Resting your paddle on your lap while reeling in a big fish is, obviously, not the brightest idea.

Take the time to install a paddle leash and a paddle holder to make sure that your paddle won’t fall in the water and that you will be able to retrieve it if it does.

Rod leashes can tether your rods to the rod holders which will prevent your expensive poles from accidentally falling to the bottom of the lake and might even save them if you end up capsizing your boat.

Use the Kayak to Your Advantage

The benefit of having a kayak allows you to go places that boats cannot and allows you to ease into a fishing spot quietly. Don’t waste your advantage by making a lot of noise or paddle splash while approaching a fishing spot. Having a natural presentation begins long before you have your lure in the water.

A Fishfinder Helps Tremendously in a Kayak

A fish finder may be the realm of boats with large batteries and alternators, but it doesn’t have to be. Many kayak fishermen install fishfinders in their kayak because they are exceptionally versatile. Fishfinders are not used exclusively for fish. They also show bottom composition, drop-offs, water temperature, and water depth. Taking the time to learn how to read one is valuable knowledge out on the water.

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