Ford Focus RS Test Drive – Ford Has Brought Back The Rallye Sport Badge

Ford has confirmed that the latest RS will be available in three colours, white, blue and a striking green colour. The reason for the green is that it reflects the signature colour of Ford’s global partner and World Rally Championship sponsor BP and it is reminiscent when Ford launched a Le Mans green colour on the 1970 Escort RS.

Driving The Ford Focus RS On The Road

Ford has given this car a real edge as it has a 300bhp 2.5-litre five cylinder power plant, this can propel the high performance car from zero to 60mph in a stunning time of 5.9 seconds and it has a top speed of 163mph, that is mega from a front wheel drive car.

Getting the power down is easy and the Focus RS car is one of the finest cars to drive that is presently available. Driving the car on some of the classic roads that are used on the famous Monte Carlo Rally proved that this car was not just marketing hype, the RS has got the lot. It looks good and drives brilliantly.

What is a real joy to behold is that when you drive the car through town, it does not feel that it has to be pushed. Drivers can take a more casual pace and the RS feels fine, some rivals need to be pushed for drivers to enjoy them, not the Ford Focus RS. The car can be used as your every day A to B run-around as the ride is not as intrusive as some of its more illustrious rivals.

Front-Wheel Drive Car With 300bhp

A front wheel drive car with 300bhp, readers would be forgiven for thinking that this car would struggle to get its power down but read on as there was zero traction scrabble when on test. The Focus RS combines electric pace with precise handling, this is probably one of the best handling cars on the planet.

The RS is loosely based on the Focus ST, but it does have obvious changes, these include a new intake system, exhaust manifold and turbo charger. The RS has a Borg Warner K16 turbo offering boost pressure of 1.4 bar, that’s double that of the Focus ST’s 0.7 bar giving the RS a 35 per cent power increase on the ST.

The interior is pretty close to that of the ST. However, the Recaro seats are new and comfortable on long journeys.

The Ford Focus RS starts from a price of £24,995 but the car is one of the best high performance models around.

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