9 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Dishwasher

Do you have trouble figuring out how to get the most out of your dishwasher? You’re not alone. We’ve compiled a list of 9 ways to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and using this appliance as efficiently as possible.

1) Don’t forget food particles stuck on dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

Make sure dishes are clean before putting them in, because otherwise the food debris might end up on the bottom. They’ll be hard to remove from inside the dishwasher’s tub.

2) Don’t fill the dishwasher too tightly

While you may be tempted to put all of your dirty dishes into one load, you should resist this urge in order to keep your dishwasher running smoothly. Put too many dishes in the dishwasher and they will become tangled together, which could prevent water from reaching all surfaces of your dirty dishes.

If you put dishes in too tightly, the water can’t move around freely as the dishwasher runs, which means that your dirty dishes won’t get clean properly. You’ll need to do more loads of dishes if you over-pack the dishwasher like this.

3) Don’t leave plastic utensils in the silverware basket when loading them into the dishwasher

Loading up a bunch of plastic forks and spoons with metal ones might seem convenient, but in reality it will actually cause more harm than good. The heat from the dishwasher will melt these utensils and can even cause them to warp.

4) Put delicate items on the top rack

When loading up your dishwasher, you’ll want to put all of your most fragile dishes in one place. You might be tempted to put these items at the bottom of the dishwasher but this can lead to chipping or cracking when those pieces are shifted around by other dishes as they tumble against each other.

5) Consider using a cleaner with bleach

Some dishwashers come with a pre-installed dishwasher cleaner, which will have added bleach in it. You can also purchase one separately to use along with your detergent. Adding some bleach into the mix will help to disinfect your dishes and leave them squeaky clean and sparkling when they’re done in the machine.

6) Clean the Gasket

The gasket is an important part of your dishwasher, as it seals the door and prevents leaks. Over time, this gasket can accumulate dirt or grime on it that will interfere with its ability to do its job. It’s a good idea to clean off this area every few months in order to keep it working at maximum efficiency.

7) To keep your dishwasher from stinking, clean it regularly

Clean your dishwasher regularly. Forgetting to do so can cause food debris and mold to accumulate in it, which is not only smelly but also a health hazard.

8) Don’t rinse the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher

This might seem like a way to save time, but it actually prevents the dishwasher from doing its job. The soap and water that are sprayed onto dishes in the washer will do more than clean them- they’ll also remove any food particles that may have stuck on during washing.

9) Load similar items together to make loading and unloading easier.

This tip is self-explanatory! By loading like items together, you can easily keep track of what goes where. You’ll also be able to avoid problems with mixing up soaps or other detergents with wrong dishes by having these close at hand on a nearby shelf.

Following these tips will help you get the most out of your dishwasher!

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