Looking for Family Fun? What About Disc Golf for Kids

Disc Golf for kids is an inexpensive way to involve children in exercise and recreation. It allows the whole family to enjoy a walk with a purpose. Kids are playing outdoors, nature is enjoyed, risks of injury are minimal, and exercise is achieved.
The best part is initial start up costs for Disc Golf are minimal, if a cost at all.

What is Disc Golf?

Similar to regular golf the game is played with flying discs (Frisbees) and strokes are counted to hit or land in a target. Disc Golf is usually played in a park setting amongst trees, fields and sometimes rough terrain.

The use of a disc can be the typical brand name Frisbee or specialized discs with fancy names that come as drivers, mid-ranges and putters in different weight classes. Disc can be purchased that float in water, curve or fade one way or another, fly better in some wind conditions, or just fly farther. A quick search on EBay can offer a wide selection of new or used discs.

A disc golf course consists of baskets, targets (called tones) or even just existing targets such as trees or poles. The course can consist of various hazards such as water, trees, or even rough. The terrain can be a walk in the park or a climb up the side of a mountain or hill.

Where do I find Disc Golf Courses?

Do a search online for disc golf courses in your community. Most courses are free to play and situated in Public Places such as parks or campuses. Maps are usually provided online as well as scorecards. You may have even seen them in a nearby park but never knew what they were. A good resource to start with is the PDGA Directory.

How to Play?

A very simplified explanation follows:

A round can consist of any number of holes. The player enters the initial starting position with a disc on the first hole. The starting position is usually some kind of tee box marked out on grass or concrete. The player then throws the disc towards the target using any technique they wish. Each ensuing throw is considered a shot or stroke until the target is struck. The shots are then added up and recorded if you’re keeping score

The rules and techniques of the game can be found at any number of websites as you or your kids progress to your own interest level

Why for Kids?

At Disc Golf kids can get better rapidly and feel a sense of accomplishment. The sport allows for any kid to play to their strengths and their ability with the possibility of a long drive, tactical placement or the precision shot. The sport continues to grow exponentially as there are now tournaments, camps, pro-am tours and a World Championship to further enjoy.

My experience has shown nature and adventure are key. Exercise and family fun for everyone is the result. My sons and neighbors practice in our yard taking shots around trees into a temporary basket quite often. We also have a park in our town with a semi permanent setup and the kids love to play a round. During a round last Summer we helped a baby Loon back to the lake and just in time as a fox watched us play in the distance. Sometimes a misplayed shot off its target and into the trees or bushes can be an adventure on its own. Many a found frog or bug has created the call “You Gotta see this thing!”

So do the family thing and get out there and give Disc Golf a shot!

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