Decorating a Student Apartment

Students Moving Off Campus May Find it Expensive, Decor Need Not Be

After all the boxes are unpacked on your floor contain books, records, cd’s, PlayStation games and all sorts of other stuff that you’ve brought with you it might occur that you’re in desperate need of other essentials! Furniture, a new cheap TV, posters or prints, clothing – all things that might be necessary for a young student looking to start an independent life on their own! Maybe even a nice soundbar subwoofer combo to make that TV boom.

Furniture, Clothing on the Cheap

The best places to find inexpensive furniture like cheap sectional sofas or cheap sofa and loveseat sets under $500 are often right underneath your nose – check the lobbies of your apartment building to see if there are any posts regarding furniture sales. There are usually a few sheets of paper on the lobby bulletin board advertising furniture or other necessities being sold by those tenants who are moving out. If this is the case, you won’t even require transportation for your furniture as it will already be available in your building – and usually at a great price!

If you don’t strike it lucky in this fashion, another excellent place to look would be in your local Buy, Sell, Trade type publication – nearly every community has them on news stands and normally the persons who place advertisements in the paper selling furniture can be persuaded to arrange a delivery. If not, you may have to go pick the items up yourself. Once again, the prices for secondhand furniture being listed in these magazines are usually extremely affordable.

Finally, there are alternative resources to finding affordable clothing and furniture – the thrift store. Many bargains are to be had here – especially for clothing. Young men and women interested in outfitting themselves in some stylish secondhand clothing would do well to look into “Second-Hand Chic”.

Lastly, there is always Freecycle – an organization with hundreds of local branches all devoted to recycling nearly everything! Appliances, clothing, electronics, furniture – freecycle is an excellent resource both in terms of sparing the environment and in helping those with limited financial clout in attaining household essentials!

Inexpensive Decor and Art

One of the best suggestions one can give in attaining wonderful decor for your new pad is to commission local artists! Many original paintings can be hand for well under $100 for large prints and in many instances artists will agree to do work for you over time simply provided the materials and maybe a box of beer or a bottle of quality wine! In this manner you can attain truly original and vibrant canvas for your home that will always have a personal touch while providing a great story to chat with visitors about!

If this option is not feasible, many sources exist for inexpensive wall hangings or decorative items. Surprisingly, dollar stores can offer translucent plastics or other decorative pieces such as candles or tealights that can go a great distance in establishing ambiance and soft lighting for your apartment. Wal-Mart has also taken the initiative in offering some very attractive framed prints in the neighbourhood of ~$10, in a variety of styles from impressionistic to landscape to completely abstract.

Thrift stores and local buy, sell, trade publications are also great places to peruse in order to find unusual treasures. No matter what the budget, with enough ingenuity and creativity you will soon find yourself comfortable and ready to host the housewarming party simply cannot wait for!

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