Best Double Oven Electric Range 2024

The oven is arguably the most important appliance in the kitchen. Interestingly, the future of cooking is here with the hottest innovation for cooking convenience. The best double oven electric range allows you to simultaneously prepare two different dishes at varying temperatures. Here is a helpful guide on everything you need to know about these appliances.

While all ranges contain ovens, not all ovens are considered ranges. A range features a stove with burners that sit at the top of the oven where you broil or bake dishes. Selecting the best double oven electric range for your kitchen can be quite overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be.

Double Oven Electric RangePhotoPrice
Verona VEFSEE365DSSVerona VEFSEE365DSS 36 inch Electric Double Oven Range Convection See details at
GE Cafe CHS950P2MS1GE Cafe CHS950P2MS1 30 Inch Induction Slide-in Electric Range See details at
LG LDE4413STLG LDE4413ST 30 in Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range See details at
GE JB860SJSSGE JB860SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range See details at
Samsung NE59M6850SSSamsung NE59M6850SS 5.9 Cu. Ft. Flex Duo Stainless Steel Electric Range See details at

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Best Double Oven Electric Range 2024

Verona 36” Electric Double Oven With Convection – Best Value For Money

Verona VEFSEE365DSS 36 inch Electric Double Oven Range Convection

The Verona 36” is an electric range that delivers more performance than you’d need in a professional range. This appliance features a black ceramic glass cooktop with 4 elements along with a center dual element that is made to safely accommodate big stockpots. You’ll love the two multi-function convection ovens that offer seven cooking modes to assist you to prepare better meals in less time compared to other convectional ovens.

The full-width compartment on the appliance gives plenty of room for storage. You can choose to customize your oven with the round optional handles. This appliance is available in stainless steel, Matte Black, or White.


  • 5 sealed elements
  • Black ceramic glass cooktop
  • Chrome handles and knobs along with stainless steel bezels
  • Dual Denter element
  • Adjustable stainless-steel legs
  • 2 multi-function ovens
  • Full-width storage compartment


  • The range is made with 304 stainless steel which makes it durable and gives it high corrosion resistance.
  • The full-width compartment offers a spacious storage space
  • The oven comes with a programmable digital clock and timer
  • The range has 4 heavy-duty oven racks


  • You’ll need to squat when operating this range
  • The range does not display oven temperature
  • Verona 36” is not self-cleaning

GE Cafe 30″ Induction Slide-in Double Oven Electric Range – Best For Smart Homes

GE Cafe CHS950P2MS1 30 Inch Induction Slide-in Electric Range

GE Café 30” is meticulously designed to create a ravishing atmosphere in any kitchen. The tough stainless steel along with powerful elements complement the robust appearance. The striking glass finish and angular, modern lines provide an easy-to-clean and first-rate look for your cooking space. GE Café 30” is an excellent match for all sizes of pans and pots. Also, the appliance gives you a sleek look with an edge-to-edge glass cooktop.

Whether you’re looking to cook everyday gourmet meals or large dinner party, create dinners and desserts simultaneously with the two independent ovens on GE Café 30” range. The temperature probe allows you to monitor progress without necessarily opening the oven door. Another impeccable feature is the compelling display that allows you to control and monitor the progress with an electronic touchpad.


  • Platinum glass finish with angular, modern lines
  • Seamless glass surface
  • Self-Cleaning system
  • Delay bake function
  • Connects with smart devices
  • Control lock capabilities


  • You can control the range using your smart device
  • Made with high-quality materials that exude elegance and sophistication
  • Compatible with Chef Connect features that synchronize your appliances to interact with each other.


  • Oven lights are prone to malfunction
  • The appliance is quite expensive
  • The appliance is sophisticated

LG 30″ Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Best Budget Option

LG LDE4413ST 30 in Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range
Last updated on June 19, 2024 9:49 pm

The LG 7.3 Double Oven range comes with two large-capacity ovens that do it all. The extra-large oven capacity allows you to prepare everything from pans and cookies to holiday roasts. Multiple dishes for your guests? No problem! This appliance can help you keep your guests entertained with a delicious meal. Another great feature is the ProBake convection which delivers even baking results on every rack. The unit provides an updated, stylish look to your kitchen with the sleek, angled controls to put visibility and power at your fingertips.

EasyClean is a helpful function that provides self-cleaning in three simple steps to leave your range sparkling fresh without high heat or strong chemical fumes. For small meals on the go, you can use the quick heating top oven. Interestingly, the unit allows you to connect with your smart device and use smart cooking features. Also, the appliance provides versatile cooking settings with or without convection.


  • 5 burners and 3 oven racks
  • ProBake Convection
  • Infrared Grill technology for outdoor cooking
  • Sleek SmoothTouch glass controls for easy cleaning and operation
  • EasyClean function


  • The unit comes with a LOCK function
  • The large capacity allows for different dishes
  • The unit provides versatile elements that conveniently suit varied sized cookware
  • Supersized window that allows you to assess the progress of a dish


  • The top is too fragile
  • The stovetop takes a long time to heat
  • Timer sounds are loud and annoying

GE Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

GE JB860SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

The GE double oven range is an average priced oven that offers premium quality features. When you choose to update your kitchen with this powerful and practical electrical range, you’re sure to get 6.6 cu. Ft. of space which will allow you to handle more dishes simultaneously. The oven features 5 cooktop burners where one is designed to offer fast boiling power. Therefore, you can get all the cooking flexibility you need.

GE double oven range is available in several color patterns and styles. Another great feature is the true convection in the lower oven that provides beautiful roasts. Both ovens come with self-cleaning functions.


  • Self-cleaning function
  • 12”/9” dual element
  • Dual-element Bake
  • Black gloss oven interior
  • Impressive 6.6 cu. Ft. total oven capacity


  • The unit comes with a full-width storage drawer
  • The fifth element warming zone offers low-heat options to keep the food warm
  • The racks can be configured in several positions to allow varied baking needs
  • The unit is self-cleaning


  • Difficult to keep the stovetop clean
  • The stovetop is fragile

Samsung Flex Duo Stainless Steel Electric Range

Samsung NE59M6850SS 5.9 Cu. Ft. Flex Duo Stainless Steel Electric Range

The Samsung Flex Duo provides an excellent blend of the double oven and traditional single cavity in one unit. The ceramic divider allows you to effortlessly switch from the smaller cavities to the large single cavity with controlled temperatures that are independent. The large capacity allows you to cook multiple casserole dishes or do a big roast.

The unit also features two powerful convection fans that facilitate even distribution of heat. Handy storage space allows you to have additional space for pans and pots. Alternatively, it increases the capacity to make big roasts. Other breathtaking features include Bluetooth connectivity, soft close door, and a wide view window.


  • 5 Burner cooktops
  • Dual Convection
  • SteamQuick and Self Clean functions
  • Child safe Lock
  • Delay Start and kitchen timer
  • 3 Preset Easy Cook Options


  • The large capacity has enough space for big roasts
  • The 5 Burner cooktop allows you to cook using a wide array of pan sizes
  • The unit has a warming drawer to keep the food warm until serving
  • Delay start that allows you to program the range to start cooking after a given time


  • The burns are not super-fast
  • Difficult to keep the stovetop clean
  • The stove fades over time

What to Look for When Buying Double Oven Electric Range

Type and Design

Generally, you can select between three types of range designs, namely freestanding, drop-in or slide-in. The freestanding ranges feature finished sides. As a result, you can decide to let them stand alone anywhere in your kitchen or slide them into space within your cabinets. Interestingly, some such stand-alone ranges come with front controls – making them an easy alternative to slide-in ranges.

double oven electric range types

Conversely, drop-in ranges require an individually tailored cut-out fit. They will not have a storage space or an additional warming drawer under the oven. Finally, the slide-in ranges are built to slide into a designated space since the sides are not finished. Freestanding ranges are quite economical, whereas the rest are a little pricey and come with built-in aesthetics.


Convection is one of the things that greatly contributes to the price and efficiency of the double oven. Convection ovens come have a fan on the back that facilitates the spreading of heat in the appliance – leading to a fast and even cooking. Here, you’re not going to have to think about the hot spots in your oven. There are three grades of convection to choose from.

The fan convection is the most straightforward convection technology. You can opt for a true convection that adds an additional heat source towards the front of the fan. If you don’t mind spending extra cash on deluxe features, get a dual convection range that’s equipped with one or two fans.

Safety First

To retain the stove in its place, select one that comes with an anti-tip bracket. To ensure that anti-tipping is included, examine the online user manual beforehand. Home is where most of the accidents happen, you’ve got to watch out for safety features.

Extra Oven Features

double oven features

Of course, double ovens come with a wide array of features. However, it is imperative to assess if you’ll be needing some of these features since the more the extras, the more the pay. Interestingly, there are oven options that allow you to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology operations. Either way, make sure that the double ovens you buy come with the features you need and those that suit your budget.

Other Features Worth Considering

electric range burners size
  • Even with the simplest range design, make sure the double oven comes with a delay start, a timed cook or a delay bake feature. The feature allows you to set the time you want your oven to start cooking.
  • Invest in a range that includes a high-heat self-cleaning feature. Since they have better insulation, the ovens perform better and offer improved insulation.
  • You can get a double oven model with an advanced steam cleaning option. Here, you can choose to do a quick chemical-free cleaning and wiping between cooking sessions.
  • Investing in a double oven that comes with smart controls can be worthwhile. These controls allow you to operate your range by using your smartphone.
  • While temperature and meat probes are often considered fancy addons, they are nice extras. Get yourself a double oven with these probes and enjoy a nice cooking experience.

Benefits of Double Oven Electric Range

two ovens electric smoothtop

Unlike a double wall oven, a double oven electric range is a fantastic way to add more cooking versatility without using up a lot of room. These appliances pack two ovens into a 30-inch range space at the cost of the storage drawer in a single oven model. The top oven is small and serves well with baking trays, ready meals or even a little chicken. On the other hand, the bottom oven is large enough to prepare anything like a large turkey.

Instead of having two full-size ovens at an convenient height, a double oven range comes with a one compact and one nearly fully sized oven that lies close to the floor. Therefore, a double oven range is not inherently a double wall oven replacement. A double wall oven takes a lot of room and an expert installation, and a dual oven range is more affordable, fits anywhere, and does not require a full kitchen reno.

The Downsides of Double Oven Electric Range

electric range cooktop

One of the main downsides to these appliances is the fact that the bottom oven can be very low for many users to use conveniently. You’re going to have to bend down regularly to open or close the door. The top oven is relatively small – which requires very little time to heat your food. Since the food is closer to the heating element, you may have to alter the cooking temperature.

Lastly, heat transfer between the cavities happens when both ovens are used simultaneously. The heat in one oven has a small impact on the other. Then there’s the capacity of the ovens. Double oven ranges have relatively less room than double wall ovens.

Final Verdict

The editor’s choice on the best double oven electric range to invest in is Verona 36”. First, you’ll love how easy it is to operate the unit. Then, the appliance offers every features and extra you’d need in an oven. Generally, Verona 36” provides an excellent blend of budget, oven extras, storage, and power. However, with the above guide, you’re sure to pinpoint the best double oven electric range for your kitchen.

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