American Coffee Consumption Now At Peak Level (Since 2012)

The amount of Americans who drink at least one cup of coffee per day is now at the highest level since the year 2012, according to a recent study.

This means that a staggering 64% of adults (18+) now get their daily dose of caffeine from coffee drinks, meaning a 2% increase compared to last year’s survey composed by the  National Coffee Association (NCA). While a 2% increase might not be a whole lot, you don’t have to travel too far back in time to find more interesting results: in the mid-90s the amount was less than 50%!

Even though it may seem that there’s a new coffee shop opening in every corner this is not necessarily a factor in the result – 79% of those who had had a cup the day before taking the survey had enjoyed their beverage at home while cafes and other locations totaled a bit over one third (36%).

Another interesting trend to pick up from the survey is the rising interest in artisan or gourmet coffee among younger folk as 48% of millenials had enjoyed their coffee in a form that they considered as “gourmet”. On the other hand, demand for sodas and juices continue their decline – and still older folk keep on complaining how the youth is ruined…

Market consultant Michael Edwards noted that “There’s been a huge shift toward gourmet in the U.S.,”

We believe that not only does this apply to coffee but to all kinds of food and drinks – it’s getting easier and easier to gain know-how and resources to refining a habit into a hobby, lifestyle even, making it much more enjoyable in the meantime. Gourmet is now representing over half of the whole coffee market and now the biggest players (such as Nestle and JM Smucker) in the game are slowly shifting with the trend and bringing gourmet coffee products to the table.

If you don’t know where to begin we suggest starting with our Coffee For Dummies guide!