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St. Petersburg, Florida is a popular tourist destination because of its mild weather and tropical breezes blowing out of Tampa Bay. The area was first settled in 1875 and has since grown to be a bustling city. While there are many recreational activities available in the St. Petersburg area, snorkeling is among the most popular. Snorkeling in St. Petersburg, Florida (or anywhere else) is the act of swimming on the surface of a water body with a diving mask and a snorkel. The act of swimming on the top of the water allows the snorkeler to see underwater sights for an extended period of time without effort or discomfort. Many tropical locations offer snorkeling and St. Petersburg is no different.

Underwater snorkeling


The area of St. Petersburg, Florida is ideal for snorkeling for several reasons. The underwater life in the area offers the opportunity to see many varieties of fish and other sea life. Seaweed, turtles, shrimp and jellyfish are often caught sight of as well. The stillness of the area’s waters can make snorkel a positive alternative to scuba diving.


Some of Florida’s snorkeling sites include the opportunity to see interesting things like shipwrecks. Manatees are also often seen on snorkeling trips. Snorkeling is inexpensive and can be done by people of all ages and health levels. Thus, children and seniors are often excited about the sport.

One of the most exciting places to snorkel in the St. Petersburg surrounding area is at Egmont Key. Accessed through Gulfport Marina, the location allows snorkelers to dive for sand dollars and other treasures. The location has a great history with the Spanish Conquistadors and snorkelers can have a blast diving within the ruins of the areas. However, for those looking for a more extensive snorkeling trip, nearby Sea Fox Dive Charters can take visitors up to 20 miles offshore for snorkeling fun in wrecks and reefs.


When snorkeling in St. Petersburg, it’s best to utilize the assistance of an expert. Most locations require the use of an inflatable vest (life jacket). In addition, each person participating will be required to use a mask and snorkel. These items are light and comfortable to wear.


Despite popular belief, snorkeling requires no special training. It is best if those snorkeling can swim and breathe through the snorkel. Each commercial snorkel place in St. Petersburg will give instructions and orientation on how to go about the sport. Simple tips like staying with a partner, looking for specific attractions, what to do in times of danger and the use of the equipment will be talked about before anyone is permitted in the water.