The Different Types of Range Hoods

In this guide you will learn all about the different types of range hoods. There are many different types and features to choose from and knowing which one is best for your needs can be difficult. There are four common types: Under-Cabinet Range Hoods Wall-Mounted Range Hoods Island or Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods Downdraft Ventilation Hoods Convertible … Read more

Best Double Oven Electric Range 2021

The oven is arguably the most important appliance in the kitchen. Interestingly, the future of cooking is here with the hottest innovation for cooking convenience. The best double oven electric range allows you to simultaneously prepare two different dishes at varying temperatures. Here is a helpful guide on everything you need to know about these … Read more

Range Hood VS Downdraft – Which Ventilation Type Is Better?

Selecting the right appliances for your kitchen could be confusing, particularly when it comes to air ventilation. When you discover that there are more options than just the traditional vent hood, it could get a little overwhelming. These appliances are designed to exhaust smoke, heat, steam and fumes, but how should you know what differentiates … Read more