Hunting for cheap living room sets can be a tedious task if you don’t know where to look from. Chances are you’ve already been to a local furniture store or two but didn’t find anything to your liking – or if you did it was way out of your budget. The problem with this traditional approach is that clearly you have very specific criteria in mind (a cheap living room set for under 500 bucks) and a brick and mortar will most likely only have a few if any alternatives that match your need due to obvious reasons (physical space, limited customer base).

Luckily we are living in the golden age of online shopping so you can set your sights elsewhere – we prefer the biggest online retailer in the world: Amazon.

  PiecesPrice (clicking will take you to Amazon)
Harper&BrightHarper&Bright Designs 3 Piece set3-seat sofa, reversible chaise lounge, storage ottomanCheck on Amazon
Harper&BrightHarper&Bright Designs recliner set3-seat reclining sofa, reclining chair$813.99
Hughes RiverstoneRiverstone Espresso 2-piece living room set3-seat sofa, loveseatCheck on Amazon
PoundexPoundex Bobkona Aria Faux Leather 2-piece Set2-seat sofa, loveseat, 4 pillows$379.99
MeraxMerax Sofa 3-piece living room set3-seat sofa, chaise lounge, ottoman, 6 pillows
Harper&BrightHarper&Bright Designs 2-piece living room set2-seat sofa, loveseatOut of stock
MeraxMerax Sofa 3-piece Sectional Sofa set3-seat sofa, chaise lounge, storage ottoman,2 throw pillows
US TamexUS Tamex Overbey Sofa with Chaise & Ottoman Leather2-seat sofa, chaise and ottoman$499.00

Now let’s have a look on them separately. We present your our top picks in the category of…

Cheap Living Room Sets (Under $500)

Generally speaking the options could be divided in two sub-categories: 1) sectional sofas with chaise and ottoman and 2) loveseat and sofa sets but dividing our list even further would not be very practical. Having such a tight budget you will not find combos with more pieces than these. If you want you could always gather your own set from separate pieces, starting with sectional sofas for example.

Harper&Bright Designs 3-Piece Sectional
  • 3-seat sofa, reversible chaise lounge, storage ottoman
  • 104"L x 71.5"W x 34.5"H
  • Solid hardwood frame
  • 4, but you can fit 5
  • Check on Amazon

If we had to jump into recommending just one living room set without any prior knowledge about your needs, we would choose this 3-piece set from Harper&Bright Designs just for the sake of the cup holders. There are plenty of excellent options on our list but this is a unique feature that differentiates it from the rest. The whole package is just great.

Integrated cup holster in the H&P 3-piece living room set

What We Liked

  • We are no manufacturing experts, but overall felt that the solid hardwood frame of the sofa was exceptional. We are expecting quite a long and happy life for this piece
  • Not only is the microfiber waffle suede fabric a pleasure for your skin, it also is stain resistant! We still don’t recommend staining your sofa on purpose though
  • The chaise lounge is reversible, meaning that you can place it on the both ends of the sofa, making it more flexible for many living rooms
  • INTEGRATED CUP HOLDERS! Who doesn’t love cup holders? This is something that you won’t find on a lot of cheap living room sets
  • Available in two colors, both of which are classically stylish – blue grey and brown…

What We Did Not Like

  • …but the blue grey is actually just grey!
  •  It’s quite narrow in depth, making the sitting stance relatively upright – of course you can lounge on the chaise if you will – it’s also on the firmier side though this might change over time

Harper&Bright Designs 2-Piece Rectional Living Room Set

Harper&Bright Designs recliner set
  • 3-seat sofa, reclining chair
  • 83"L x 35.4"L x 39.3"H and 39.3"L x 35.4"W x 39.3"H
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • 3+1
  • $813.99

We actually contemplated if we should include this one on our list or not as the price with shipping costs will climb high above our initial budget, but decided to include it nevertheless as you won’t find a lot of sets with reclining in the price range anyway.

What We Liked

  • The style combined with the “new-tech fabric” surface creates an exquisite look – just looking at the sofa or chair makes you wanna touch it
  • Harper&Bright claim that the fabric is also more durable than actual weathered leather and they claim that it will won’t peel off in 5 years – something that we quite obviously had no time to test
  • As sturdy as recliners get thanks to the metal frame
  • Extra spacious seats, just like you would expect

What We Did Not Like

  • NOTHING! We absolutely loved all about this set.

Hughes Riverstone Espresso Sofa and Loveseat Set

Riverstone Espresso 2-piece living room set
  • 3-seat sofa, loveseat
  • 91.5"L x 39"W x 40"H and 71.5"L x 39"W x 40"H
  • Hard wood frame
  • 4, but you can fit 5
  • Check on Amazon

If you have a closer look on the back cushions of the sofa you will get an idea of why it’s labeled as pillow-top cushioned sofa. It really adds to the fluffiness of the set and diving into either of the two pieces really makes you feel at home. 

The white line accent adds a bit of that premium look into the comfy mix.

What We Liked

  • Super comfy seats on both the sofa and loveseat – one of the fluffiest alternatives on the list
  • Hand tailored fabrics: something you would definitely not expect on such a cheap living room set
  • Eco friendly: they’ve used recycled materials “to aid in design” – not sure how much but if you value nature this is a thumbs up

What We Did Not Like

  • The idea of gigantic pillows (hence the name “pillow top”) as back cushions is great and looks extremely cosy but you need to handle them occasionally if your sitting positions are not always the most rigid

Merax 3-Piece Sectional Living Room Set

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To our liking this one is the better one of the two 3-piece sets from Merax with a tiny margin – mainly thanks to the storage space in the ottoman. Main difference is the position of the chaise so if you are deciding between the two this will likely be the factor that you want to take into consideration.

What We Liked

  • Price- and style-wise this set has similarities to the Merax below, but with linen cloth fabric
  • Unlike in the model above, the ottoman has storage space in it
  • It’s the longest sofa on our list so you will have plenty of space!

What We Did Not Like

  • The chaise lacks reversibility meaning that it will always be on the right hand side
  • Ottoman lacks some filling from the top making the sides of it surprisingly sharp – the middle is comfortably soft though

Poundex Bobkona 2-Piece Set

Poundex Bobkona Aria Faux Leather

Quite surprisingly we felt that this Poundex Bobkona is actually the biggest eye-pleaser of the whole list. The matte black faux leather just absolutely nails it.

Disappointingly the sofa and the loveseat are reportedly not the longest-living pieces of furniture out there, which is something that we couldn’t confirm during our tests. Thought we’d give a heads-up about it nevertheless in case you are looking for a set that will serve you for the years to come.

What We Liked

  • The style and material: while this is naturally a matter of taste, the matte black faux leather combined with the design of this set gives an incredible look for the set
  • Easy to move and assemble: coming packed in two boxes carrying this set to your living room is not a hassle even if you live upstairs in a house with cramped stairs. The assembly takes about 10 minutes and does not require any particular skills
  • The pillows: dark brown goes exceptionally well with the faux leather

What We Did Not Like

  • Durability: not the best living room set out there in terms of longevity

Merax 3-Piece Living Room Set

Merax Sofa 3-piece Sectional Sofa set
  • 3-seat sofa, chaise, ottoman
  • 104.7”L x 88.58”W x 30.9”H
  • Hardwood frame
  • 3, but you can fit 4

This is quite similar to the Merax set we introduced above but the chaise is on the left hand side. All in all a quality sectional sofa set that feels great under your buttocks.

What We Liked

  • Material: the suede fabric surface is extremely nice, leaving almost a silky feel on your skin. Not too many budget living room sets have the same feel to them
  • Chaise lounge is wide, which is always a plus
  • Merax is a reputable American company with over 20 years of history

What We Did Not Like

  • No storage in the ottoman
  • Quite firm: the inner springs could be a bit looser – though this might and likely will improve over time
  • No extras: just the six pillows for the sofa, nothing else added
  • Chaise not reversible

Harper&Bright Designs Two Piece Living Room Set

Harper&Bright Designs 2-piece living room set
  • 2-seat sofa, loveseat
  • 78"L x 30"W x 34.3"H and 61"L x 30.3"W x 34.3"H
  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • 2+2, but you can fit 5
  • Out of stock

The H&P living room set for “eclectic, retro, or chic contemporary” decors is one of the best “bang for your buck” living room sets that we’ve come across. Probably a student favorite.

Overall a great value set with nothing extra fancy or fabulous. 

What We Liked

  • Available in three colors: brown (in the picture), grey and blue
  • Unbeatable value for money: really, being one of the cheapest sets on a list with nothing but budget alternatives this living room set is a sweet deal
  • Cosy: we think this set is the homeliest on the list. Yes, this depends on your decor but at least in the “traditional, not too fancy” way.

What We Did Not Like

  • The feet are plastic but should still be pretty durable
  • The cushions feel like they might lose their shape after a few years. We might be wrong!

US Tamex Overbey Sofa, Chaise and Ottoman Set

US Tamex Overbey Sofa with Chaise and Ottoman Leather
  • 2-seat sofa, chaise, ottoman
  • 83”L x 57”W x 35”H
  • 2, but you can fit 3
  • $499.00

If you are into shiny leather and operating on a tight budget look no further. While the material is certainly not for our liking we believe that the firm shiny leather look has its lovers out there.

What We Liked

  • Competitively priced considering that you get free shipping
  • Extra wide ottoman
  • Will fit into smaller living rooms

What We Did Not Like

  •  The shiny faux leather has somewhat cheap look to it
  • Feels a bit too firm to our liking

What To Look For When Buying?


Quite obviously the first and foremost thing you will be looking at is the style and look of the set you are about to buy. While we can’t possibly know your taste and the living room interior that you are about to place the set in there is something worth mentioning here: what pieces do you want in your set?

As there is no clear-cut definition of what’s included in a ”living room set” you need to evaluate what’s best for your needs. Do you want all your pieces to be the same (like two loveseats) or maybe a set with a sofa and a recliner? Just a single big sectional sofa with an ottoman? How many people are you looking to seat? Would you like matching pillows?


Who would have thought that it’s quite important that your furniture fits into your home… Unless your living room is enormous always remember to double check the measurements of all the pieces and make sure that they fit into their desired spots (and through your doors!).

Also remember to have a look at the shipping conditions, most suppliers (Merax and Harper&Bright Designs for example) will only have so-called ”curbside delivery” available, meaning that the product gets delivered to the outside of your house but not any further. You will have to arrange the rest yourself. If you live by yourself or are unable to do this for some other reason you will have to be prepared for the delivery with a few extra hands and muscle.


Polyester, suede, PU leather or something else? Once again this is highly a matter of personal preference and not really up to us to decide what’s best for you.


Because you will most likely have no chance to actually test the sofas and/or chairs you are about to purchase you might want to have a look if there are reviews or feedback written by people who’ve previously bought them.

After you’ve seen the sofa and read about the material you will already have quite a good image of the firmness of the seat.

Last update on 2019-10-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API